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Our CNBC story..... the good and the bad

Posted by Bold Apps on July 11, 2016 . 0 Comments


It was a very busy weekend for us here at Bed Band Store.

We heard from some great people letting us know they appreciated the fact we are a USA Manufacturing Company and keeping jobs in the USA. There was so much support and kind words from everyone. (Thank you!)

With the story came increased website visits and sales....and our Amazon sales picked up, too. We were actually in the number one spot again.....(where we deserve to be.) But, now that Prime Day is coming up we are being hit with multiple negative reviews in a row on Amazon. (I guess the story pissed-off some "Cheating sellers" and this is their new tactic for knocking us out of our ranking.)

Since consumers are becoming more aware of their "fake positive reviews" ...I guess the next logical step for them is to give us negative reviews to push us down.

I am angry about the negative and obviously fake reviews being left for BedBands on Amazon....but as usual....we will persevere.

We hope that everyone who visits our store spreads the word to others....and shares BedBand with all their friends and family.

Thanks for visiting!